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What Is A Digital Graffiti Wall?


A Digital Graffiti Wall is essentially the interactive version of a photo booth, and they are taking the entertainment industry by storm. Since it is something most people have never seen before, they are an excellent attention grabber and leave a huge impression at an event!  

Why Should I Purchase One?

Here are a few reasons why you should purchase a Graffiti Spray system:
  • Excellent ROI- Rent your system for $1,500-$3,000 per 4 hour event depending on your location.
  • Expand Your Market- Most likely, you will be the first in your area to offer a Digital Graffiti Wall.
  • Reduce Your Workload- Graffiti Spray is a Digital Graffiti Wall, Photo Booth, and Green Screen all in one unit
It will only be a few short months before everyone will want a Graffiti Spray system at their event, so be ahead of the curve and be a part of this trend now!

Why Graffiti Spray?

Graffiti Spray offers numerous advantages over the competition, here are just a few!
  • Support- Our support network is unmatched by anyone! You will have a personal support agent's cell phone number. No more answering services, no more email communication, no more hassle!
  • Technology- Graffiti Spray offers the latest and greatest technology and we are continuously doing research to improve our system. Have 1 user spraying or 4, all at the same time and without any ambient light issues like you have with all of our competitors!
  • Software- Our software offers the most features, while keeping everything extremely simple for our users. Everything is designed to use 2 clicks or less for efficiency, which allows for a quicker and more enjoyable experience.
We won't give all of our secrets away here, so if you'd like to know more please feel free to contact us!

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