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The Las Vegas DJ Expo 2012!


This past week Graffiti Spray had the pleasure of exhibiting their Digital Graffiti Wall and Interactive Photo Booth at the Las Vegas DJ Expo. The expo was held at the beautiful Las Vegas Hotel & Casino (LVH), and featured over 50 vendors displaying the newest, hottest products to entertainment professionals from all over! [break][break] Graffiti Spay received an excellent response from attendees and vendors alike! Many people enjoyed playing with Graffiti Spray and its array of innovative features, such as the chroma key, dripping spray paint, emailing, and many many more! [break][break] Take a look at some of the photos below! If you would like to introduce Graffiti Spray in your local market and get an excellent return, give us a call at (888) 898-5286!! [break][break]

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